Said Farewell to one of the most kind, humble men I have had the honor to know.

All of us at Valleyview already miss you Ray!

Ray's grandson delivered the following message at Ray's Memorial yesterday. He said Grandpa taught his children and grandchildren all about the game of golf and this is what he learned from Grandpa Ray.

"Baseball, basketball and football are played on flat surfaces designed to give true bounces. Golf is played on an uneven terrain designed to surprise. Good and bad bounces are built into the essence of the game. And the reason golf is so much like life is that the game - like life - is all about how you react to those good and bad bounces. Do you blame your caddy? Do you cheat? Do you throw your clubs? Or do you accept it with dignity and grace and move on? Play one round of golf with someone and you will learn everything you need to know about his character. Golf is about individual character. The ball is fixed. No one throws it to you. You initiate the swing, and you alone have to live with the results. There are no teammates to blame or commiserate with. The only person you have to play against is yourself."

Everyone should think about this, so very true.
Good bye Ray, enjoy your heavenly golf!

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